ioSolutions offers training programs so that your employees can increase their skill base and keep current with new technologies and your company can be more self-sufficient and less dependent on outside resources.

IT Professional Training

Does your company have limited resources or resources that don't have the skills you need to today's environment? ioSolutions' IT training curriculum contains courses in each necessary subject matter area that enables students with skills for modern applications and platforms.

Cyber Security Training

Careers requiring specific cybersecurity skills are in high demand. Traditional degree tracks in Information Systems Management or Computer Science fail to provide skills needed by today’s architect, engineers and DEVOPS staff. ioSolutions' Cyber Secuirty curriculum contains courses in each necessary subject matter area to upskill your current employees.

Cyber Security

This program focuses on the beginning tools of Ethical Hacking and what standard and legacy Cyber Security looks like. Course also focuses on next generation security architectures, on both prevention and recovery to allow students to understand the demands on today’s cyber security professional.

Data Analyst

This course focuses on what is Data Science and how is it operationalized to provide business outcomes. This course also covers the market needs of operators beyond new algorithms.

Cloud Systems

ioSolutions experience in Cloud allows for a wide range of courses in this subject. From a primer on general Cloud, to “Anything as a Service”, these courses provide deeper learnings into cloud architecture and operation.

Service Delivery

Professional Services engineers and architects provide the learning, guidance, and implementation of new technology solutions at customers. This course teaches you the technology, soft skills and documentation methodologies required to function as a delivery asset.

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IO Also offers training in the following areas:

  • PMP (Program and Project Management)

  • Office 365

  • Power BI

  • COMPTIA NETWORK: CompTIA Network+ Security +Certification

  • Tableau

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Network

  • Infrastructure

  • Agile